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Latest commit 24dbb09 Jan 19, 2017 Johannes Jürgen Rudolph Fixes #11
Something is change at Leaflet Browser Detection
Now it is working
On Mobile Devices nothing should be visible

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Download the Source and add it into your Project Folder


bower install --save leaflet.mouseCoordinate

get this with bower




Option Type Default Description
gps Boolean true Show GPS Coordinates in 1 Form: ddd.ddddd
gpsLong Boolean true Show GPS Coordinates in 3 Forms: ddd.ddddd / ddd mm.mmm / ddd mm ss.s
utm Boolean false Show UTM Coordinates
utmref Boolean false Show UTMREF/MGRS/USNG Coordinates
qth Boolean false Show QTH/Maidenhead Locator
nac Boolean false Show Natural Area Code
position String 'bottomright' The initial position of the control (one of the map corners). See control positions.