This DSC Resource module can be used to simplify administration of certificates on a Windows Server.
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The CertificateDsc module is a part of the Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Resource Kit, which is a collection of DSC Resources. This module includes DSC resources that simplify administration of certificates on a Windows Server, with simple declarative language.

The CertificateDsc module contains the following resources:

  • CertificateExport: Used to export a certificate from a Windows certificate store.
  • CertificateImport: Used to import a certificate into a Windows certificate store.
  • CertReq: Used to request a new certificate from an certificate authority.
  • PfxImport: Used to import a PFX certificate into a Windows certificate store.
  • WaitForCertificateServices: Used to wait for a Active Directory Certificate Services Certificate Authority to become available.

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Documentation and Examples

For a full list of resources in CertificateDsc and examples on their use, check out the CertificateDsc wiki.



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