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The NetworkingDsc module contains the following resources:

  • DefaultGatewayAddress: Sets a node's default gateway address.
  • DhcpClient: Enable or Disable DHCP on an network interface.
  • DnsClientGlobalSetting: Configure DNS client global settings.
  • DnsConnectionSuffix: Sets a node's network interface connection-specific DNS suffix.
  • DnsServerAddress: Sets a node's DNS server address(s).
  • Firewall: Sets a node's firewall rules.
  • FirewallProfile: Configures a node's private, public or domain firewall profile.
  • HostsFile: Adds, edits or removes entries from the hosts file on a node.
  • IPAddress: Sets a node's IP address(s).
  • IPAddressOption: Sets an IP address option.
  • NetAdapterAdvancedProperty: Sets advanced properties on a network adapter.
  • NetAdapterBinding: Bind or unbind transport or filters to a network interface.
  • NetAdapterLso: Enable or disable Lso for different protocols on a network adapter.
  • NetAdapterName: Rename a network interface that matches specified search parameters.
  • NetAdapterRdma: Enable or disable RDMA on a network adapter.
  • NetAdapterRsc: Enable or disable Rsc for different protocols on a network adapter.
  • NetAdapterRss: Enable or disable Rss on a network adapter.
  • NetBios: Enable or Disable NetBios on a network interface.
  • NetConnectionProfile: Sets a node's connection profile.
  • NetworkTeam: Set up network teams on a node.
  • NetworkTeamInterface: Add network interfaces to a network team.
  • ProxySettings: Configures the proxy settings for the computer.
  • Route: Sets static routes on a node.
  • WaitForNetworkTeam: Wait for a network team to achieve the 'Up' status.
  • WeakHostSend: Enable or disable the Weak Host Send setting on a network adapter.
  • WeakHostReceive: Enable or disable the Weak Host Receive setting on a network adapter.
  • WinsSetting: Configure the WINS settings that enable or disable LMHOSTS lookups and enable or disable DNS for name resolution over WINS.

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Documentation and Examples

For a full list of resources in NetworkingDsc and examples on their use, check out the NetworkingDsc wiki.



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Known Issues

Firewall Known Issues

The following error may occur when using the resource Firewall in configurations on Windows Server 2012 R2 if KB3000850 is not installed. Please ensure this update is installed if this error occurs.

    The cmdlet does not fully support the Inquire action for debug messages.
    Cmdlet operation will continue during the prompt. Select a different action
    preference via -Debug switch or $DebugPreference variable, and try again.

Known Invalid Configuration

  • The exception 'One of the port keywords is invalid' will be thrown if a rule is created with the LocalPort set to PlayToDiscovery and the Protocol is not set to UDP. This is not an unexpected error, but because the New-NetFirewallRule documentation is incorrect.

This issue has been reported on Microsoft Connect