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PowerShell Core Community Call - July 19, 2018


  • 6.0.3 and 6.1.0-preview.4 released later this week
    • Working through some issues with Ubuntu 18.04, that package may ship slightly later
    • Microsoft Update 6.0.3 servicing release won't show up for 2 or 3 weeks
  • Active Directory module in RSAT in latest Windows Insider build is PS Core compatible
  • Modules in Windows will have a CompatiblePSEdition marked in their manifest as Desktop and/or Core
  • Release cadence of PowerShell Core
    • Originally committed to 6 month cadence
    • Still trying to stay on 6 months, but moving over to late Aug/late Feb releases
  • Make sure you update VS Code to address a critical security vulnerability
  • Keith has taken over as the PM on OpenSSH
  • Sudden uptick in DSC resource downloads in PowerShell Gallery
  • New UI coming for PowerShell Gallery, check out the preview and give us feedback
    • Manual Nupkg download
    • Ability to update your own profile
    • API keys can only be copied at key generation time
  • In the future, PowerShellGet will install as CurrentUser if you're non-admin
  • Documentation rendering engine changing to Markdig (CommonMark) in Aug/Sept
    • Some formatting may break in content, keep your eyes peeled and file issues
  • SDK documentation is off of MSDN and in
    • Needs lots of love, keep those PRs coming!
    • At some point, we'll do a major refactor of the table of contents and informational architecture
  • AI Joey: include Michael Greene on the next call to talk DSC Core
  • AI Joey: talk to Automation team about shipping ISE extension/add-on for VS Code/VS