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Features of

  • can be called directly from git
  • optionally installs vs code and vs powershell extension (aka PowerShell IDE) using optional -includeide switch
  • defaults to completely automated operation (if appropriate permissions are available)
  • automatically looks up latest version via git tags
  • automatic selection of appropriate install sub-script
  • configures software installs for repositories when repositories are in place, otherwise pulls files from git releases. As repository versions are made available, script will be updated to take advantage.
  • user permission checking
  • sub-installers called from local file system if they exist, otherwise pulled from git
  • sub-installers can be called directly if auto-selection is not needed

Minimum Requirements for

  • bash shell
  • sed
  • native package manager available
  • curl (auto-installed if missing)


  • -includeide - installs vscode and vscode powershell extension (only relevant to machines with desktop environment)
  • -interactivetesting - do a quick launch test of vscode - only relevant when used with -includeide
  • -skip-sudo-check - use sudo without verifying it's availability (hard to accurately do on some distros)
  • -preview - installs preview of powershell core side-by-side with any existing production releases.


Direct from Github

bash <(wget -O - <ARGUMENTS>

wget -O - | bash -s <ARGUMENTS>

Local Copy



Only Install PowerShell Core

bash <(wget -O -

Install PowerShell Core with IDE

bash <(wget -O - -includeide

Install PowerShell Core with IDE and do tests that require a human to interact with the installation process

bash <(wget -O - -includeide -interactivetesting

Installation To do list

  • Detect and wait when package manager is busy/locked? - at least Ubuntu (CentOS does this internally)