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Session-global module caching is at odds with ScriptsToProcess feature and scoped unloading of modules with Remove-Module #9582

mklement0 opened this issue May 12, 2019 · 0 comments


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commented May 12, 2019

Import-Module can be:

  • implicitly scope-specific, if the same module is imported by different other modules

  • explicitly scope-specific, via -Scope Local (or -Scope Global).

By contrast, certain aspects of module handling are currently invariably session-global, seemingly due to behind-the-scenes session-global module caching:

  • The ScriptsToProcess module manifest key is only honored once per session, namely in whatever scope happens to import the module first.

  • Remove-Module - which doesn't have a -Scope parameter - session-globally unloads a module, so that different scopes that had imported the module scope-locally later cannot unload that module anymore, which means that all its exports linger.

Steps to reproduce

Describe "Global module caching" {
  BeforeAll {
    Push-Location TestDrive:/
    New-Item -Type Directory ./tm
    # .ps1 file to use with ScriptsToSource
    $foo = 'bar'
'@ > tm/toSource.ps1
    # .psm1 file (root module)
function foo { 'bar too' }
'@ > tm/tm.psm1
   # Create the manifest.
   New-ModuleManifest -Path ./tm/tm.psd1 -ScriptsToProcess toSource.ps1 -RootModule tm.psm1
  AfterAll {
  It "ScriptsToProcess is honored on every import." {
    & {
      Import-Module -Scope Local ./tm -Verbose
      $foo | Should -Be 'bar' # 1st
    & {
      # !! Because Import-Module was previously called in a different
      # !! scope, the ScriptsToProcess script isn't sourced again.
      Import-Module -Scope Local ./tm -Verbose
      $foo | Should -Be 'bar' # 2nd
  It "Remove-Module is honored in every scope." {
    Import-Module -Scope Local ./tm -Verbose
    foo | Should -Be 'bar too'
    & { 
      Import-Module -Scope Local ./tm -Verbose
      # !! This removes the module globally.
      Remove-Module tm
    Remove-Module tm
    { foo } | Should -Throw

Expected behavior

All tests should pass.

Actual behavior

The 1st test fails, because the 2nd Import-Module call fails to dot-source the ScriptsToProcess script.

2nd test: The 2nd Remove-Module call fails, because the previous Remove-Module call in a different scope unloaded the module globally.

Environment data

PowerShell Core 6.2.0
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