Test Coverage

Updated Mar 19, 2018

Post-analysis of code coverage, these are the major hot spots to focus for test coverage

Strategic Investments

Updated Jun 28, 2018

Longer team projects/investments that are not necessarily aligned with a specific milestone

Test/Release Automation

Updated Apr 5, 2018

This is a project to track:

  • remoting tests
  • non-CI platform tests
  • running release tests on non-CI/nightly platforms
  • adding platforms to nightly tests (e.g. Win 7)

Developer Experience/SDK

Updated Nov 15, 2018

The experience for developing PowerShell modules or using the PowerShell API

This includes anything related to:

  • the module development experience, especially for cross-platform (e.g. dealing with varying feature sets on different platforms, etc.)
  • the PowerShell SDK
  • hosting PowerShell in your own applications

Semantic Version

Updated Jun 8, 2018

No description

Linux/Mac Usability

Updated Oct 28, 2018

Issues that impact the ability to use PowerShell either due to conflicts with Linux/Mac norms or cmdlet coverage. This includes (but is not limited to) problems related to:

  • normalization of path delimiters
  • case-sensitivity
  • permissions
  • integration with other shells (e.g. bash)
  • file encodings

Remoting over SSH

Updated Mar 18, 2018

Our goal for the future of PowerShell Remoting Protocol (PSRP) is to funnel it over the SSH (Secure SHell) protocol. This will enable bi-directional PowerShell Remoting between Windows, macOS, and Linux. On Windows, this work is dependent on our Win32 port of OpenSSH. On Linux, this work will leverage the existing, ubquitious OpenSSH client/server.

This work includes integration with Enter-PSSession, New-PSSession, and Invoke-Command (more information in this RFC). Also, see this related RFC.

Remoting over WSMan

Updated Mar 18, 2018

While PowerShell Remoting (PSRP) over OpenSSH is our plan for the future of PowerShell remoting, we also recognize the difficulty in deploying new servers (e.g. OpenSSH) to existing Windows Server deployments in the enterprise.

Therefore, for macOS/Linux -> Windows remoting scenarios, our goal is to enable existing remoting cmdlets (e.g. Enter-PSSession, New-PSSession, and Invoke-Command) using the traditional WSMan protocol. This currently works for basic authentication as well as for NTLM-based authentication from (only) Linux environments.


Updated Mar 18, 2018

I can know how many people are using PowerShell (incl. version and platform) and how the community is growing​.

Linux Distro/Mac Coverage

Updated Aug 30, 2018

An effort to expand the set of Linux distros on which we build, run, test, and package PowerShell.

For Beta1:

  • Ubuntu 14, 16
  • RHEL 7.2, 7.3
  • Debian 8
  • MacOS 10.11, 10.12

No description


Updated Jul 22, 2018

No description