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v6.0.0-beta.5 - 2017-08-02

Breaking changes

  • Remove the *-Counter cmdlets in Microsoft.PowerShell.Diagnostics due to the use of unsupported APIs until a better solution is found. (#4303)
  • Remove the Microsoft.PowerShell.LocalAccounts due to the use of unsupported APIs until a better solution is found. (#4302)

Engine updates and fixes

  • Fix the issue where PowerShell Core wasn't working on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 (non-R2). (#4463)
  • ValidateSetAttribute enhancement: support set values to be dynamically generated from a custom ValidateSetValueGenerator. (#3784) (Thanks to @iSazonov!)
  • Disable breaking into debugger on Ctrl+Break when running non-interactively. (#4283) (Thanks to @mwrock!)
  • Give error instead of crashing if WSMan client library is not available. (#4387)
  • Allow passing $true/$false as a parameter to scripts using powershell.exe -File. (#4178)
  • Enable DataRow/DataRowView adapters in PowerShell Core to fix an issue with DataTable usage. (#4258)
  • Fix an issue where PowerShell class static methods were being shared across Runspaces/SessionStates. (#4209)
  • Fix array expression to not return null or throw error. (#4296)
  • Fixes a CIM deserialization bug where corrupted CIM classes were instantiating non-CIM types. (#4234)
  • Improve error message when HelpMessage property of ParameterAttribute is set to empty string. (#4334)
  • Make ShellExecuteEx run in a STA thread. (#4362)

General cmdlet updates and fixes

  • Add -SkipHeaderValidation switch to Invoke-WebRequest and Invoke-RestMethod to support adding headers without validating the header value. (#4085)
  • Add support for Invoke-Item -Path <folder>. (#4262)
  • Fix ConvertTo-Html output when using a single column header. (#4276)
  • Fix output of Length for FileInfo when using Format-List. (#4437)
  • Fix an issue in implicit remoting where restricted sessions couldn't use Get-FormatData –PowerShellVersion. (#4222)
  • Fix an issue where Register-PSSessionConfiguration fails if SessionConfig folder doesn't exist. (#4271)

Installer updates

  • Create script to install latest PowerShell from Microsoft package repositories (or Homebrew) on non-Windows platforms. (#3608) (Thanks to @DarwinJS!)
  • Enable MSI upgrades rather than a side-by-side install. (#4259)
  • Add a checkbox to open PowerShell after the Windows MSI installer has finished. (#4203) (Thanks to @bergmeister!)
  • Add Amazon Linux compatibility to install-powershell.sh. (#4360) (Thanks to @DarwinJS!)
  • Add ability to package PowerShell Core as a NuGet package. (#4363)

Build/test and code cleanup

  • Add build check for MFC for Visual C++ during Windows builds.
    This fixes a long-standing (and very frustrating!) issue with missing build dependencies! (#4185) (Thanks to @KirkMunro!)
  • Move building Windows PSRP binary out of Start-PSBuild.
    Now Start-PSBuild doesn't build PSRP binary on windows. Instead, we consume the PSRP binary from a NuGet package. (#4335)
  • Add tests for built-in type accelerators. (#4230) (Thanks to @dchristian3188!)
  • Increase code coverage of Get-ChildItem on file system. (#4342) (Thanks to @jeffbi!)
  • Increase test coverage for Rename-Item and Move-Item. (#4329) (Thanks to @jeffbi!)
  • Add test coverage for Registry provider. (#4354) (Thanks to @jeffbi!)
  • Fix warnings and errors thrown by PSScriptAnalyzer. (#4261) (Thanks to @bergmeister!)
  • Fix regressions that cause implicit remoting tests to fail. (#4326)
  • Disable legacy UTC and SQM Windows telemetry by enclosing the code in '#if LEGACYTELEMETRY'. (#4190)

Cleanup #if CORECLR code

PowerShell 6.0 will be exclusively built on top of CoreCLR,
so we are removing a large amount of code that's built only for FullCLR.
To read more about this, check out this blog post.

SHA256 Hashes of the release artifacts:

  • powershell-6.0.0-beta.5-osx.10.12-x64.pkg
    • 4A0C2B7E81A9530F9D913E35F287112AD0E12083DAF196A769EFCF89CA150BFB
  • powershell_6.0.0-beta.5-1ubuntu1.14.04.1_amd64.deb
    • AC59175DEE902634E9837C16CE33821C27404087DEF50734DD8585E2AFD3BD99
  • powershell_6.0.0-beta.5-1ubuntu1.16.04.1_amd64.deb
    • 0C871C8FA9F00E667378FDA7B92CEADF594EE7A39617FB012B42E0327D739335
  • powershell-6.0.0_beta.5-1.el7.x86_64.rpm
    • 12C1523BD0149E9BC95F67497EEA05954F490C9F3694E2E2197602A1A9395DF9
  • powershell-6.0.0_beta.5-1.suse.42.1.x86_64.rpm
    • EFF7B660E8180FD9234B602F25DBC9BB21DE74F36C73FA56A3D5E6AA8AAF339C
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-x86_64.AppImage
    • 2A8294424FAA9B22DEEE423232EFA18B914EF492816883AD85AA5D5F175405E6
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win10-win2016-x64.msi
    • DEBCCEA48D82C39509FAF61E8E2A18630898110814A860F6FFF806430F58B118
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win10-win2016-x64.zip
    • 504893AC8F421263452C6D88F5615D56202545253D82CBEB1B2A92D35CADB8A6
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win81-win2012r2-x64.msi
    • 8988917E8AC7FDA51FD8C40816000266E78A19E8373A1C97FD9197EDF8C58600
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win81-win2012r2-x64.zip
    • F939E7AD5EC7E7EC9D16AF3C6262E2F733C20BCD85A17C95C4FAA2067E46F9E0
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win7-win2008r2-x64.msi
    • 3951ED36BEC38810658BC4BB69FF6710D8685CAD9E3F0553DF7D9412C3BA0BC8
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win7-win2008r2-x64.zip
    • 2F635669A8101CBCF2E3D4C045F6CE90EE4A5E2C31CBD50EC03C742F5C5E057A
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win7-x86.msi
    • 0A1FB9CFFBC8E9BC169F47DFA2F581837368290031BFEBC704D880A480F8AB17
  • PowerShell-6.0.0-beta.5-win7-x86.zip
    • 1DA45464B93A01C0C77932652D1D698819D088F0FB6377C032C43A625A7FCB4B