This DSC Resource module is used to manage storage on Windows Servers.
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The StorageDsc module contains the following resources:

  • MountImage: used to mount or unmount an ISO/VHD disk image. It can be mounted as read-only (ISO, VHD, VHDx) or read/write (VHD, VHDx).
  • Disk: used to initialize, format and mount the partition as a drive letter.
  • DiskAccessPath: used to initialize, format and mount the partition to a folder access path.
  • OpticalDiskDriveLetter: used to change the drive letter of an optical disk drive (e.g. a CDROM or DVD drive). This resource ignores mounted ISOs.
  • WaitForDisk wait for a disk to become available.
  • WaitForVolume wait for a drive to be mounted and become available.

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Documentation and Examples

For a full list of resources in StorageDsc and examples on their use, check out the StorageDsc wiki.



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