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remove reference to POWERLEVEL9K_RBENV_ALWAYS

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ChrisBaker97 committed Mar 12, 2019
1 parent c4a8118 commit 6e67ade8f31b3ebc4df54fbfb36b7213f8e407b3
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@@ -573,10 +573,6 @@ It figures out the version being used by taking the output of the `rbenv version
* If `rbenv` is not in $PATH, nothing will be shown.
* By default, if the current local Ruby version is the same as the global Ruby version, nothing will be shown. See the configuration variable, below, to modify this behavior.

Variable | Default Value | Description |
|`POWERLEVEL9K_RBENV_ALWAYS`|'false'|Always show the `rbenv` segment, even if the local version matches the global.|

| Variable | Default Value | Description |
|`POWERLEVEL9K_RBENV_PROMPT_ALWAYS_SHOW`|`false`|Set to true if you wish to show the rbenv segment even if the current Ruby version is the same as the global Ruby version|

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