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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Mar 11, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

  • PR #1175 - Fix home dir shortening when using package_name truncation strategy
  • PR #1158 - [Bugfix] dir: Fix package name path truncation inside home dir
  • PR #1157 - Hide stderr from git ls-files
  • PR #1154 - Fix issues with debug/fonts script in Konsole
  • PR #1151 - [Bugfix] Only abbreviate $HOME at the beginning of cwd
  • PR #1148 - Remove checking for NODEENV_DISABLE_PROMPT
  • PR #1147 - Fix newlines in ZSH 5.7
  • PR #1149 - Fix RVM
  • PR #1128 - [Bugfix] virtualenv prompt displaying
  • PR #981 - [Bugfix] Fix for #974
  • PR #1126 - Use ip command for VPN segment
  • PR #1079 - [Bugfix] Update VIRTUAL_ENV_DISABLE_PROMPT value
  • PR #1080 - [Bugfix] Port #1071 to master (Fix fatal errors emitted by untracked file check in vcs.zsh)
  • PR #1074 - Add vcs vulnerability tests master
  • PR #1070 - [Docs] Uniformly apply inline code formatting in README
  • PR #1065 - Protect locale
  • PR #1048 - Speedup Improvements in vcs segment
  • PR #1037 - Fix vpn_ip segment
  • PR #1036 - Make truncate with package name work without setting shorten length
  • PR #1020 - Fix context spec
  • PR #990 - [Docs] Add forgotten backtick
  • PR #981 - Avoid error if /etc/os-release does not exist
  • PR #966 - [Bugfix] Fix icons cut off in RPROMPT segments
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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Sep 7, 2018 · 113 commits to master since this release

  • The rbenv segment is no longer a default segment in the LPROMPT.
  • PR #959 - Fixing issue in v0.6.5 where we changed some color codes.
  • PR #934 - Add Tests
  • PR #884 - test-in-docker: fix with newer ZSH versions
  • PR #928 - [Docs] Add etc state description in dir docs
  • PR #937 - Use SUDO_COMMAND to check for sudo
  • PR #925 - [Bugfix] Resolve #918 Transparent background
  • PR #923 - Fix font issue debugging script
  • PR #921 - Add missing colors to fix color comparison
  • PR #951 - Add fallback icon for missing linux distro icons
  • PR #956 - Fix broken link in readme
  • Fixed #936 - fallback icons for Linux distros
  • Fixed #926 - etc state for dir segment in docs
  • Fixed #852 - sudo detection got crazy, there. sorry, everyone.
  • Fixed #927 - more default color issues.
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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Jul 10, 2018 · 256 commits to master since this release

  • Multiple PRs: General fixes to README, improved documentation.
  • Multiple PRs: Improvements to icons / glyphs.
  • PR #777: now possible to always show the Ruby env segment.
  • PR #773: Fixed issue with home abbreviation in directory segment.
  • PR #789: Now properly working around some odd ZSH status return codes.
  • PR #716: Now possible to configure the colors of the VCS segment in rebase mode.
  • PR #722: Removed dependency on bc for load segment.
  • PR #686: Fixed issue where whitespaces in path occasionally broke dir segment.
  • PR #685: No longer accidentally invoking user grep aliases.
  • PR #680: Using env variable for PYENV properly, now.
  • PR #676, #611: Fixes for Kubernetes segment.
  • PR #667: Supporting multiple AWS profiles.
  • PR #660: Fixing directory parsing issue with PYTHONPATH.
  • PR #663: Fixed silly issues causing ZSH warnings.
  • PR #647: Fixing public_ip segment for macOS.
  • PR #643: Fixing vpn_ip segment naming.
  • PR #636: context segment now grabs user with command rather than env.
  • PR #618: Fix issue where su - didn't change context segment.
  • PR #608: Load average selection in load segment.

New Segment: laravel_version

Displays the current laravel version.

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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Aug 26, 2017 · 547 commits to master since this release

  • load segment now has configurable averages.
  • Update to dir segment to add dir_writable feature.
  • status segment can now display POSIX signal name of exit code.
  • Added teardown command to turn off P9k prompt.
  • Fixes for P9k in Cygwin and 32-bit systems.
  • Better colors in virtualization segments.
  • Added 'Gopher' icon to the go_version segment.
  • Improved detection in nvm
  • Added option to support command status reading from piped command sequences.
  • Fixed issue with visual artifacts with quick consecutive commands.
  • Updated 'ananconda' segment for more uniform styling.
  • rvm segment can now support usernames with dashes.
  • Fixed Python icon reference in some font configurations.
  • Vi mode indicator fixed.
  • Fixes for Docker segment.
  • Added new Docker-based testing system.
  • Significant enhancements to the battery segment. Check out the README to
    read more!
  • New truncation strategy that truncates until the path becomes unique.

New Segments: host and user

Provides two separate segments for host and user in case you don't wont both
in one (per the context segment).

New Segment: newline

Allows you to split segments across multiple lines.

New Segment: kubecontext

Shows the current context of your kubectl configuration.

New Segment: vpn

Shows current vpn interface.

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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Apr 27, 2017 · 664 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed susceptibility to pw3nage exploit.
  • Added support for Android
  • The abbreviation for $HOME is now configurable (doesn't have to be ~).
  • Fixed colorization of VCS segment in Subversion repos.
  • Improved handling of symlinks in installation paths.
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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Mar 21, 2017 · 695 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed some issues with the new nerdfont-fontconfig option.
  • Fixed typo in README.
  • The get_icon_names function can now print sorted output, and show which
    icons users have overridden.
  • Added a FreeBSD VM for testing.

Add debug script for iTerm2 issues

A new script debug/iterm.zsh was added for easier spotting problems with your iTerm2 configuration.

Add debug script for font issues

A new script debug/font-issues.zsh was added, so that problems with your font could be spotted easier.

ram changes

The ram segment now shows the available ram instead of free.

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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Mar 8, 2017 · 753 commits to master since this release

Minor fix to CI tests for v0.6.0 release!

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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Mar 8, 2017 · 754 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed a bug where the tag display was broken on detached HEADs.
  • Fixed a bug where SVN detection sometimes failed.
  • Fixed the load and ram segments for BSD.
  • Fixed code-points that changed in Awesome fonts.
  • Fixed display of "OK_ICON" in status segment in non-verbose mode.
  • Fixed an issue where dir name truncation that was very short sometimes failed.
  • Speed & accuracy improvements to the battery segment.
  • Added Github syntax highlighting to README.
  • Various documentation cleanup.

New Font Option: nerd-fonts

There is now an option to use nerd-fonts with P9k. Simply configure the nerdfont-fontconfig, and you'll be set!

vcs changes

The VCS segment can now display icons for remote repo hosting services, including Github, Gitlab, and 'other'.

dir changes

Added an option to configure the path separator. If you want something
else than an ordinary slash, you could set

truncate_with_package_name now searches for composer.json as well

Now composer.json files are searched as well. By default package.json still takes
precedence. If you want to change that, set POWERLEVEL9K_DIR_PACKAGE_FILES=(composer.json package.json).

New segment command_execution_time added

Shows the duration a command needed to run. By default only durations over 3 seconds
are shown (can be adjusted by setting POWERLEVEL9K_COMMAND_EXECUTION_TIME_THRESHOLD).

New segment dir_writable added

This segment displays a lock icon if your user has no write permissions in the current folder.

New segment disk_usage added

This segment will show the usage level of your current partition.

New segment public_ip added

Fetches your Public IP (using and displays it in your prompt.

New segment swift_version added

This segment displays the version of Swift that is installed / in your path.

New segment detect_virt added

Detects and reports if you are in a virtualized session using systemd.

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@bhilburn bhilburn released this Sep 22, 2016 · 929 commits to master since this release

Some great bug fixes, huge speed improvements, and further documentation additions!

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@bhilburn bhilburn released this May 4, 2016 · 974 commits to master since this release

New segments added, improvements to speed & reliability, updates to the vcs segment, updated documentation, unit testing & TravisCI integration.

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