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Test-VM for powerlevel9k

In this virtual machine you will find a recent ubuntu with preinstalled ZSH, oh-my-zsh, antigen, prezto and - of course - powerlevel9k. The main use-case is to test the powerlevel9k theme.


In order to run this virtual machine, you need vagrant and VirtualBox.


vagrant is a quite easy to use command line tool to configure a virtual machine. To fire the machine up, just run vagrant up. At the first run, it will install a whole ubuntu. With vagrant ssh you can log in into the machine.


Once you have SSH'd into the machine, you'll see a plain ZSH. To test the other frameworks, you just have to switch to one of the following users:

  • vagrant-antigen
  • vagrant-prezto
  • vagrant-omz

To switch use sudo -i -H -u <USERNAME>. -i stands for "simulate initial login", -H sets the "$HOME" variable to the directory of the user , -u for the username.

All users have vagrant as password and are in the /etc/sudoers.

The regular vagrant user has a plain ZSH with the powerlevel9k theme.

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