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A module that provides tools for other modules and scripts


Welcome to the psframework project. The design goal is to create a framework specific to powershell scripting in general. It provides infrastructure for generic scripting tasks, such as:

  • configuration management
  • logging
  • optimizing the user experience
  • improving manageability of PowerShell

Getting Started


In order to get started with the latest production build, simply run this in an elevated console:

Install-Module PSFramework

This will install the module on your system, ready for use

A quick peek into logging

After installing the PSFramework, simply replace all instances of ...

Write-Verbose "<whatever>"

... with ...

Write-PSFMessage "<Whatever>"

It will still write to verbose, but also ...

  • Write to a log in your appdata folder
  • Automatically rotate old or too large logs

More guidance

All of the upcoming documentation will also be hosted at the official PSFramework website, existing documentation shall be copied to also be available there.

The PSFramework project has a related slack community, where everybody is free to join, ask questions or discuss practices. For a free invite, check our Contact page

The PSFramework comes with lots of internal documentation. All functions ship with help and examples and there are quite a few concept help articles:

Get-Help about_psf*

(Note: Some of them are not quite done yet) Finally, I also like to write in my blog about the PSFramework and all my other projects.