ZF3-Whoops, integrated whoops in Zend Framework 3
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ZF3-Whoops, integrated whoops in Zend Framework 3


whoops is an error handler base/framework for PHP. Out-of-the-box, it provides a pretty error interface that helps you debug your web projects, but at heart it's a simple yet powerful stacked error handling system.

Table of Contents

Module installation

  1. cd my/project/directory

  2. create a composer.json file with following contents:

        "require": {
            "ppito/zf3-whoops": "^1.3"
  3. install composer via curl -s http://getcomposer.org/installer | php (on windows, download http://getcomposer.org/installer and execute it with PHP)

  4. run php composer.phar install

  5. open my/project/directory/configs/modules.config.php and add the following key :

    'WhoopsErrorHandler', // must be added as the first module
  6. optional : copy config/module.config.php in my/project/directory/config/autoload/zf3-whoops.local.php

  7. optional : edit my/project/directory/config/autoload/zf3-whoops.local.php


Render View Manager - Twig Support

(zf3-whoops >= 1.2.0)

By default this module use the simple php render, but you can now specify your favorite render.

Usage :

Twig render has been supported, you just need to change the template_render configuration:

'template_render' => 'zf3_whoops/twig_error',

Module Visibility Manager

(zf3-whoops >= 1.3.0)

It is now possible to manage the module loading by implement your own rules. For example, the module can be loaded only for the admin users or only for dev&preprod environments.

Usage :


ppito/zf3-whoops is licensed under the MIT License - See the LICENSE file for details.