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Stream Labs assignment. This assignment is a part of their recruitment process. Although I completed the task on time, I was not selected.

Feel free to review the code and provide a feedback, so that I can improve this project.

Given Problem statement


Create a webapp that allows users to login with their Youtube/Google account and join a live video stream. Once in the stream, it should stream all chat messages and update live. Store these messages and create another interface that will return all chat messages from a given username.

The difficulty here is in figuring out the various different Google and Youtube APIs you need to hit to get videoID, liveStreamID, and live chat messages.

Time Allotted: 8 Hours (you can begin whenever is good for you - 8 hours is just the max time you should spend on this project)


Create a stats pages that tells us the amount of hype in chat (messages/second or any other algorithm you choose) over a period of time.



Please (1) avoid doing all the work client side, (2) for sever side do not use any JS/node code. Also let us know how comfortable you are with the chosen language so we can take that into consideration as we are reading through your code.


The front-end should be a single index.html file linking to external CSS/JS. Psst, this is a good chance to flex your CSS3 or HTML5 knowledge.


Feel free to deploying to anywhere you like as we will not be judging you on your dev-ops skills. Heroku tends to be pretty easy for someone with no dev-ops experience.


All work you do will be your property. We're not trying to get you to do work for free. Hundreds of other people have done this assignment before and we have this functionality already live on our site. This is to test your actual coding skills.