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Consul Experiment

Consul is a cluster management tool from Hashicorp and it is very useful for creating advanced micro-services architecture. Consul is a distributed configuration system which provides high availability, multi-data center, service discovery and High fault tolerance. So managing micro-services with consul is pretty easy and simple.

This playbook has a script for sample microservice environment provisined with vagrant.


  1. Install Vagrant
  2. Clone this repo and cd consul_experiment and run vagrant up
  3. Download ansible role ansible-galaxy install PrabhuVignesh.consul_installer
  4. Uncomment host_key_checking = False from "/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg" for disabling ssh key based auth.
  5. Run the playbook from consul_experiment directory ansible-playbook -i inventory consul_playbook.yml

go to your browser and type to see dashboard of consul client

Please follow the article( for more detail