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Consul is a tool for discovering and configuring services in your infrastructure. It provides several key features:

1. *Service Discovery*: Clients of Consul can provide a service using DNS or HTTP.

2. *Health Checking*: Consul clients can provide any number of health checks with services or node

3. *Key/Value Store*: Applications can make use of Consul's hierarchical key/value store for dynamic configuration.

4. *Multi Datacenter*: Consul supports multiple datacenters out of the box. This means users of Consul do not have to worry about building additional layers of abstraction to grow to multiple regions.


  1. Ansible need to be installed
  2. Clester of nodes and it's hostname shoud get entry into your inventory file

Role Variables

default variables: (can be changed while running playbook)

  1. unzip_version: "6.0*"
  2. consul_binary_link: ""

Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - { role: prabhuvignesh.consul_installer, x: 42 }



Author Information

..Prabhu Vignesh Kumar Rajagopal ..