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LinkFree CLI

LinkFree CLI is a command line tool that helps us to create and update your LinkFree profile through CLI. We can also give testimonials and add events through it.

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⭐️ Features

  • Creating a LinkFree profile.
  • Updating an existing LinkFree profile.
  • Giving a testimonial to a LinkFree profile.
  • Adding events (conferences, meetups, etc).

👨‍💻 Using the CLI tool

To create, update, give a testimonial, etc. Check out this detailed documentation -

📦 Development and Contribution

You can choose to develop the CLI by setting up the project locally and installing the dependencies, or by using Gitpod to run the project in a cloud-based development environment without having to install anything locally.

Local Development

After forking, cloning, and installing the dependencies, you can run the following commands to run the project locally. Create a folder named data in the root directory using the command below:

mkdir data

To run the project/CLI, use the following command:

npm run start


Gitpod is the easiest way to set up the project development environment. Click on the button below, and it will set everything up for you.

Open in Gitpod

📝 License

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE for details.

🛡 Security

If you discover a security vulnerability within this project, please check the SECURITY for more information.


LinkFree CLI is a command-line tool for creating, updating, and managing your LinkFree profile. Easily add testimonials and events with simplicity.




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