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"Building the repo you need to get started with Open Source"

Repo Navigation

This repo contains resources and materials to learn and get yourself started with Open Source, Git and GitHub.

The repo content is divided into several Pages for better structuring, easy navigation and making learning easier.

For Eg: There is a separate page for Resources and Bootcamp.

This repo is hosted at

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Follow @Pradumna_saraf on Twitter to learn more about it.

Table of Pages

Section/pages Description Page (Link- clickable)
15-Day Bootcamp Contains 15 days of Twitter threads and blogs that I posted during the Bootcamp. Open 15-Day Bootcamp
How to Contains step by step guide (Written + Screenshots + Video) on how to create an Issue, cloning/forking a repo, creating a Pull Request etc. Open How to
Learning Resources Other Resources like videos, blogs and images to learn Open Source, Git and Github. Open Learning Resources
Beginner Friendly Projects Contains repo link for beginner friendly projects. Open Beginner Friendly Projects
Regular Content Informational content that I and other community people post. Open Regular Content
FAQ Commonly asked questions related to Open Source, Git and GitHub. Open FAQ

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