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Step 1. Installation

To install NBomber via NuGet, run this command in NuGet package manager console:

PM> Install-Package NBomber

Step 2. Design and run a load test scenario


open System
open System.Threading.Tasks
open FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive
open NBomber.Contracts
open NBomber.FSharp

// first, you need to create a step
let step1 = Step.createAction("simple step", ConnectionPool.none, fun context -> task {        
    // you can do any logic here: go to http, websocket etc
    do! Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.1))
    return Response.Ok() 

// after creating a step you should add it to Scenario
// and run Scenario via NBomberRunner
Scenario.create("Hello World from NBomber!", [step1])
|> Scenario.withConcurrentCopies(10)
|> Scenario.withDuration(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5.0))
|> NBomberRunner.registerScenario
|> NBomberRunner.runInConsole


using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using NBomber.Contracts;
using NBomber.CSharp;

// first, you need to create a step
var step1 = Step.CreateAction("simple step", ConnectionPool.None, async context =>
    // you can do any logic here: go to http, websocket etc
    await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.1));
    return Response.Ok();

// after creating a step you should add it to Scenario.
var scenario = ScenarioBuilder.CreateScenario("Hello World from NBomber!", step1)

// run scenario via NBomberRunner

Step 3. View results

View the results. Here is an example of console output from the above benchmark:

 Scenario: Hello World from NBomber!, execution time: 00:00:10
| step name | request_count | OK  | failed | RPS | min | mean | max | 50% | 75% | 95% |
| pull step | 923           | 923 | 0      | 92  | 99  | 108  | 126 | 109 | 111 | 114 |

Step 4. Analyze results

In your bin directory, you can find a folder 'results' with *.txt, *.html, *.csv, *.md reports.

Step 5. Integrate load test in your CI/CD pipline

If you decided to add load test in your CI/CD pipline NBomber provides an integration with:

  • XUnit
  • NUnit

Step 6. Sink your test results in any data storage to track performance trends

If you decided to track your performance trends and analyze historical data NBomber provides an integrations with:

  • InfluxDB

Next steps

NBomber provides a lot of features which help to load test any system. If you want to know more about NBomber features, checkout the Overview page. If you have any questions, checkout the FAQ page. If you didn't find answer for your question on this page, ask it on gitter or create an issue.

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