Use micro Python on micro:bit to program your bit:bot robot to retrace a path
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Use micro Python on micro:bit to program your bit:bit to retrace a path

Concieved and written by Philip Meitiner - @PragmaticPhil.

Do with it what thou wilt.

Thanks to several people who helped me discover the vagaries of Python.
No names though, cos I don't want your esteemed reps to be denigrated by my humble scratchings. And also to 4Tronix for giving me a bit:bot :)

Note - I expect that the code will work with similar robots. You may need to make a few minor tweaks to for each though. Key is: ... there are 4 pins, 1 forward left, 1 back left, 1 forward right, 1 back right ... the robot is a state machine (are they all - I don't know) - by this I mean, when a command is sent to the robot it will persist until another command is sent Happy to test it our on other devices (its just that I don't have any atm ;)

This app actually does 2 things: 1 - it is a quite decent straight up RC - moves quite nicely, especially corners. 2 - once you've driven it, SHAKE your RC then push A - the bibot will now retrace the path you drove. Its cool!

Some notes: ... you will need 2 microbits - one is your Remote Controller (RC) the other controls the bit:bot ... load onto your RC ... load onto your bitbot.

More Notes: ... I had to remove comments from the long one - was getting memory errors. It worked, but comments are sparse. Sorry. ... neopixels are a bit erratic - have limited their use on this basis.

What Next: ... for me on this, nothing. This was a POC for a bigger project I am planning. ... Would be interesting to have a reverse path option (was my original idea) ... analog out to vary speed ... better neo-pixel support.

What is good about this: ... the RC actually has a not-so shabby implementation of button_down and button_up. ... it also drives quite nicely, although you may want to set the tilt active level to your tastes. ... efficiency of radio transmits... only send 1 per event. I like that - early iteration appeared to have issued with radio commands stacking up.

BUGS: ... every so often the button release does not process properly and the robot spins despite button release. Can;t replicate but I think that some events are clashing. ... once the path has been retraced once thats it. WiP. ... there is an upper limit on the size of the path - not really quantified yet ... some radio packets are dropped / missed. I don't think this is the code, but it could be.