Convert csv to JSON (includes nested data) and merge 2 JSON files - run in sequence (using config from command line) for a powerful tool to convert multiple database tables into a single JSON file.
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This tool includes 2 simple functions that, when combined, provide a powerful tool for converting multiple csv files that have a common key into nested JSON files. The 2 functions are:

1 - convert csv to JSON. It does what many others do here, although it does bring over 1 set of nested data as well.

2 - merge 2 JSON files. Where 2 JSON files have a common key field, nested data from 1 can be merged into the other using this function.

By implementing a command line script input mechanism multiple operations can be strung together with a single command line parameter. Use this to convert a single csv to JSON, or to take a set of different tables (with a common key) from your database and merge them into a single JSON document.

There's also a handy UI - if you run the JAR without passing in a parameter you get a Swing UI (hand cranked, so be nice!). Here you can perform the operations manually.