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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#ifndef GAENGINE
#define GAENGINE
#define true 1
#define false 0
//GA population element
typedef struct Element Element;
typedef struct GA GA;
typedef struct GAoutput GAoutput;
struct GAoutput {
FILE *fileMain, *fileFits;
char nameMain[128];
char nameFits[128];
int freqMain;
int freqRst;
int binary;
int bestonly;
int fileopen;
int stepMain;
int stepRst;
int rstcnt;
//main GA engine
struct GA {
int mpirank, mpisize;
unsigned long counter;
int populationSize;
Element *population;
int alloc_pop;
int immigrationSize;
// *****************************
// *** MIXING PARAMETERS *******
/*! \brief Mutation occurence (per population) [0-1]. */
double mutationRate;
/*! \brief Maximum amount of DNA changed during a mutation event [0-1]. */
double mutationAmount;
/*! \brief Number of champions propagated to the next generation [0-populationSize]. */
int keepbest;
int selectionstyle;
/*! \brief Exponential distribution factor for selection. */
double lambda;
double *cdf;
// *****************************
/*! \brief Pointer to the element custom setup function. */
void (*element_setup)(Element *element, int randomise);
/*! \brief Pointer to the element custom setup function. */
void (*element_load)(Element *element);
/*! \brief Pointer to the element custom mixing function. */
void (*element_mix)(GA *engine, Element *mother, Element *father, Element *son);
/*! \brief Pointer to the element custom mutation function. */
void (*element_mutate)(Element *element, int amount);
/*! \brief Pointer to the element custom cleaning function. */
void (*element_clean)(Element *element);
/*! \brief Pointer to the element evaluation function. */
void (*element_evaluation)(GA *engine, Element *element);
/*! \brief Pointer to the data for evaluation. */
void *data;
void *trainSet,*validationSet,*testSet;
/*! \brief Generic string container, possibly for the name of a datafile. */
char datafile[128];
int nrecords;
unsigned long *recordoffset;
int minibatch;
int minibatch_rnd;
int restartLoads;
GAoutput output;
int lowmem;
//int step;
int inited;
extern GA* ga_new();
extern GA* ga_new_mpi();
int ga_compare_fitness (const void *aa, const void *bb);
void ga_clean(GA *engine);
void ga_init_cdf(GA *engine);
extern void ga_init_mpi(GA *engine);
int ga_input_getkeyline(FILE *fin, const char *key, char *string);
int ga_input_getvalue_int(FILE *fin, const char *key, int *value);
int ga_input_getvalue_dbl(FILE *fin, const char *key, double *value);
int ga_input_getvalue_chr(FILE *fin, const char *key, char *value);
extern void ga_readsettings(GA *engine, const char *filename);
extern int ga_readrestart_mpi(GA *engine, const char *rstfile);
extern void ga_settings_mpi(GA *engine);
void ga_elementlist_clean(GA *engine, Element *list, int size);
void ga_output_write(GA *engine);
void ga_output_write_txt(GA *engine);
void ga_output_write_bin(GA *engine);
extern void ga_setoutput_mpi(GA *engine, const char *filename);
extern void ga_output_close(GA *engine);
int ga_select(GA *engine, int except);
extern void ga_evaluate_mpi(GA *engine);
extern void ga_step_mpi(GA *engine);