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#include "ga.h"
#include "element.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "time.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <mpi.h>
void ga_output_write(GA *engine) {
//only the main rank prints the output
if(engine->mpirank == 0) {
int dnasize = engine->population[0].dnasize;
//write the restart file - binary
if(engine->output.stepRst == engine->output.freqRst) {
//printf("GA[%i]: writing restart...\n", engine->mpirank);
char fn[256];
sprintf(fn, "%s.%i.rst", engine->output.nameMain, engine->output.rstcnt);
FILE *rst = NULL;
rst = fopen(fn, "w");
if(rst == NULL) {
printf("GA[%i]: FILE OPEN FAILED!\n", engine->mpirank);
//printf("GA[%i]: restart file open... %s\n", engine->mpirank,fn);
fwrite(&engine->populationSize, sizeof(int), 1, rst); //population size
//printf("GA[%i]: restart header written1.\n", engine->mpirank);
fwrite(&dnasize, sizeof(int), 1, rst); //dna size
//printf("GA[%i]: restart header written2.\n", engine->mpirank);
for(int i=0; i<engine->populationSize; i++) {
//printf("GA[%i]: restart writing element %i...\n", engine->mpirank, i);
fwrite(engine->population[i].dna, sizeof(double), dnasize, rst); //dna
fwrite(&engine->population[i].fitness, sizeof(double), 1, rst); //fitness
//printf("GA[%i]: restart info written.\n", engine->mpirank);
engine->output.stepRst = 0;
engine->output.rstcnt = ((engine->output.rstcnt+1) % 2);
//printf("GA[%i]: restart done.\n", engine->mpirank);
//print the full output
if(engine->output.stepMain == engine->output.freqMain) {
//printf("GA[%i]: writing full output...\n", engine->mpirank);
if(engine->output.binary == true)
engine->output.stepMain = 0; //reset the counter
//printf("GA[%i]: writing full output done.\n", engine->mpirank);
//write best and worst fitness
fprintf(engine->output.fileFits, "Generation best\t%lf\tworst\t%lf\n",engine->population[0].fitness, engine->population[engine->populationSize-1].fitness);
//printf("GA[%i]: write done.... waiting...\n", engine->mpirank);
void ga_output_write_txt(GA *engine) {
FILE *fout = engine->output.fileMain;
int dnasize = engine->population[0].dnasize;
int stop = (engine->output.bestonly==true)? 1 : engine->populationSize;
fprintf(fout,"generation: %i\n",stop);
fprintf(fout,"dnasize: %i\n",dnasize);
for(int i=0; i<stop; i++) {
fprintf(fout, "DNA:\n");
for(int j=0; j<dnasize; j++)
fprintf(fout, "%lf ",engine->population[i].dna[j]);
fprintf(fout, "\nfitness: %lf\n", engine->population[i].fitness); //fitness
void ga_output_write_bin(GA *engine) {
FILE *fout = engine->output.fileMain;
int dnasize = engine->population[0].dnasize;
int stop = (engine->output.bestonly==true)? 1 : engine->populationSize;
fwrite(&stop, sizeof(int), 1, fout); // # of printed elements
fwrite(&dnasize, sizeof(int), 1, fout); //dna size
for(int i=0; i<stop; i++) {
fwrite(engine->population[i].dna, sizeof(double)*dnasize, 1, fout); //dna
fwrite(&engine->population[i].fitness, sizeof(double), 1, fout); //fitness