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package dispatcher
import (
// New returns a new dispatcher. A Dispatcher communicates between the client
// and the worker. Its main job is to receive a job and share it on the WorkPool
// WorkPool is the link between the dispatcher and all the workers as
// the WorkPool of the dispatcher is common JobPool for all the workers
func New(num int) *disp {
return &disp{
Workers: make([]*worker.Worker, num),
WorkChan: make(worker.JobChannel),
Queue: make(worker.JobQueue),
// disp is the link between the client and the workers
type disp struct {
Workers []*worker.Worker // this is the list of workers that dispatcher tracks
WorkChan worker.JobChannel // client submits job to this channel
Queue worker.JobQueue // this is the shared JobPool between the workers
// Start creates pool of num count of workers.
func (d *disp) Start() *disp {
l := len(d.Workers)
for i := 1; i <= l; i++ {
wrk := worker.New(i, make(worker.JobChannel), d.Queue, make(chan struct{}))
d.Workers = append(d.Workers, wrk)
go d.process()
return d
// process listens to a job submitted on WorkChan and
// relays it to the WorkPool. The WorkPool is shared between
// the workers.
func (d *disp) process() {
for {
select {
case job := <-d.WorkChan: // listen to any submitted job on the WorkChan
// wait for a worker to submit JobChan to Queue
// note that this Queue is shared among all workers.
// Whenever there is an available JobChan on Queue pull it
jobChan := <-d.Queue
// Once a jobChan is available, send the submitted Job on this JobChan
jobChan <- job
func (d *disp) Submit(job worker.Job) {
d.WorkChan <- job