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package worker
import (
// Job represents a single entity that should be processed.
// For example a struct that should be saved to database
type Job struct {
ID int
Name string
CreatedAt time.Time
UpdatedAt time.Time
type JobChannel chan Job
type JobQueue chan chan Job
// Worker is a a single processor. Typically its possible to
// start multiple workers for better throughput
type Worker struct {
ID int // id of the worker
JobChan JobChannel // a channel to receive single unit of work
Queue JobQueue // shared between all workers.
Quit chan struct{} // a channel to quit working
func New(ID int, JobChan JobChannel, Queue JobQueue, Quit chan struct{}) *Worker {
return &Worker{
JobChan: JobChan,
Queue: Queue,
Quit: Quit,
func (wr *Worker) Start() {
c := &http.Client{Timeout: time.Millisecond * 15000}
go func() {
for {
// when available, put the JobChan again on the JobPool
// and wait to receive a job
wr.Queue <- wr.JobChan
select {
case job := <-wr.JobChan:
// when a job is received, process
callApi(job.ID, wr.ID, c)
case <-wr.Quit:
// a signal on this channel means someone triggered
// a shutdown for this worker
// stop closes the Quit channel on the worker.
func (wr *Worker) Stop() {
func callApi(num, id int, c *http.Client) {
baseURL := ""
ur := fmt.Sprintf(baseURL, num)
req, err := http.NewRequest(http.MethodGet, ur, nil)
if err != nil {
//log.Printf("error creating a request for term %d :: error is %+v", num, err)
res, err := c.Do(req)
if err != nil {
//log.Printf("error querying for term %d :: error is %+v", num, err)
defer res.Body.Close()
_, err = ioutil.ReadAll(res.Body)
if err != nil {
//log.Printf("error reading response body :: error is %+v", err)
//log.Printf("%d :: ok", id)