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Mailsignature generator

Create a html snippet to use as your email signature. Use it online at

Running it locally

If you are developing the tool and would like to run it locally instead of having to push to github before you can see your changes, you can run it locally with Jekyll:

bundle exec jekyll serve

You will need to install Ruby and Bundler, and run 'bundle install' before that will work.


This is a really simple tool that probably doesn't need automated tests. These are here as a kind of proof-of-concept, demonstrating how to use Selenium and Approval testing with TextTest together.

Install chrome for selenium:

brew install chromedriver

Install the Python requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

You run the tests using TextTest. Start it like this:

texttest -d $PWD/test -c $PWD

Then start the mail generator locally before you select and run tests in the TextTest GUI. If you prefer a commandline approach:

texttest -d $PWD/tests -c $PWD -b default

Note that TextTest places temporary files for each test run under the 'target' folder