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@echo on
SET NAME=commitMessagesWithDoubleQuotes_windows
SET REPO_NAME=commitMessagesWithDoubleQuotes_windows
REM pre-process
mkdir %REPO_NAME%.git
cd %REPO_NAME%.git
git init --bare
git clone %REPO_NAME%.git
git config "Praqma Support"
git config ""
echo "# README of repository $REPO_NAME" >>
echo "" >>
echo "This is a test repository for functional tests." >>
git add
git commit -m "Initial commit - added README"
git push origin master
REM custom parts
SET BN=JENKINS-27662_doublequotes
git checkout -b dev/%BN%
touch testCommit.log
echo "# Test commit log" >> testCommit.log
echo "" >> testCommit.log
echo "Used for adding lines to commit something during tests.\n" >> testCommit.log
git add testCommit.log
git commit -m "Added test commit log file"
REM Problematic commit message with double quotes
echo "Added a new line to this file, to commit something. Commit message will have double quotes" >> testCommit.log
git add testCommit.log
git commit -m "This is a commit message with double quotes (commit made on Windows), eg. \"test quotes\"."
git push origin dev/%BN%
REM also push to ready branch, so integration can start during the test
git push origin dev/%BN%:ready/%BN%
git remote -v show
REM Post process
7z a -r %REPO_NAME%.git
rmdir /S /Q %REPO_NAME%.git
del /Q %REPO_NAME%
rmdir /S /Q %REPO_NAME%
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