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Repository of FCM Utils.

This repository is designed as a tool to work with FCM.

Currently it checks validity of existing token and prints the output.

In near future will serve as a console to send notification if existing token is valid or not.



Identifying the device

Using instance id api, it identifies device frrom given token. It will also give you details about the device.

Reference : InstanceId Server reference-Device Info

Managing topics

Using above apis it will know topics subscribed to given device and will let you manage topics subscription.

Reference : InstanceId Server reference-Managing Topics

Construct and send notification

Construct notifications using notification and data payloads and will send it to devices or topic.

More documentations coming soon

Test it at


  • Migrate to Firebase Admin Api.
  • Use FCM server v1 to send notifications.
  • Update UI receiving new objects.
  • Split code properly and add testing.