An experimental replacement for Aegir's hosting_queued.
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Skynet is an experimental replacement for the Aegir Hosting System's Queue Daemon. It is written in Python using Cement (

It is currently an early prototype, and thus not even close to production ready. There isn't yet a front-end, nor are most of the options for the existing PHP queue daemon supported.


Install pip, VirtualEnv and cement:

# apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential python-mysqldb
# pip install --upgrade pip
# pip install --upgrade virtualenv
# pip install cement


Eventually, we'll probably publish Skynet as pip and .deb packages. For now, clone it from the github repository:

$ cd /var/aegir/.drush
$ git clone


Skynet requires a configuration file containing credentials to connect to Aegir's database. This file should be at '~/config/skynet.conf' and look like:

host = localhost
db = <aegir_site_db>
user = <aegir_site_db_user>
passwd = <aegir_site_db_password>

Eventually, the creation of this config file will be automated. However, for the time-being, it has to be written manually. These credentials can be found at the top of the Aegir front-end's drushrc.php, or in the site's vhost.


Since Skynet is built on Cement, we are provided with a number of useful CLI options by default, including a help option:

$ ~/.drush/skynet/ -h

The only sub-command implemented so far is to run a queue daemon:

$ ~/.drush/skynet/ queued

This command has a handy alias 'q', and can also be run in the background:

$ ~/.drush/skynet/ q --daemon

Author: Christopher (ergonlogic) Gervais ( Copyright: Copyright (c) 2014 Praxis Laboratories Coop ( License: GPLv3 or later