A full featured iOS photo sharing app similar to Instagram. The SharePictures project demonstrates how to properly integrate the Ostetso photo sharing SDK framework, providing an integrated social network to your iOS apps.
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SharePictures is a project used to demonstrate how to integrate the Ostetso framework into a photo sharing app. It also happens to be a FULL FEATURED PHOTO SHARING APP similar to Instagram. If you are just learning how to write iOS apps and would like to start with a simple example, check out SharePictures. SharePictures uses the GPUImage SDK to apply simple image filters to photos and, via Ostetso, share them with other users and friends.

Ostetso is a social network SDK (or a social network as a service or SNaaS) that allows you to easily integrate a full-featured photo sharing social network along with backend services into your iOS apps. With a few lines of code, simply drop the framework into your app project and you instantaly have a built in social network specifically catering to your users. For free! See Ostetso.com for details.

Instructions for building

  • First you will have to make sure that you have an account with Ostetso so that you can get the information that is needed to use the Ostetso SDK. Navigate to Ostetso.com to sign up as a developer and to obtain the SDK. You are free to download and examine the SharePictures project without registering for and downloading Ostetso first, however, you're going to need it to build and run SharePictures.
  • Download the SharePictures project to your Mac.
  • This project integrates GPUImage as a CocoaPods project. This is super easy to configure to use with SharePictures. If you aren’t already using CocoaPods, from the command line run :
	sudo gem install cocoapods
  • Next you will need to download the GPUImage project. This is very easy with CocoaPods. In the terminal, navigate to the SharePictures source directory and run:
	pod install
  • Once you have downloaded the Ostetso SDK and the SharePictures source code, unzip the Ostetso SDK and place both the Ostetso.framework and Ostetso.bundle files into the Ostetso directory within your SharePictures source directory.
  • Follow the instructions at Ostetso.com/sdk to add register a new app and obtain an API Key and App ID.
  • Open up the SharePictures.xcworkspace file in Xcode. Note: do not use the xcodeproj file since it won’t work with CocoaPods.
  • Edit the file OstetsoConfig.h and replace the placeholder strings with your actual API Key and App ID that you were provided when you registered a new app with Ostetso.com.
  • Build, run and SHARE PICTURES!
  • See Ostetso Support if you need assistance or have questions.