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Cogs for Red Discordbot
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Predä Cogs for Red v3



[p] is your prefix
- [p]load downloader
- [p]repo add preda
- [p]cog install preda <cog_you_want>
- [p]load <installed_cog>


Name Description (Click for more details)
Send random NSFW images from random subreddits and Nekobot API.Send random NSFW images from random subreddits and Nekobot API in NSFW only channels.
Important note: As indicated in name of this cog, it contains mature content and is not suited for all audiences, use it responsibly.
Send random images (animals, art ...) from different APIs.Send random images from different APIs. There's animals images, art, and more. There is also a [p]subreddit command with which you can send an images from a subreddit of your choice. (All commands using subreddits are checking for nsfw content, so if there's nsfw content and the invoked channel is not NSFW you will receive a message that say you to invoke it in a NSFW channel instead of the image).
Get multiple information about SpaceX using SpaceX-API.Get multiple information about SpaceX like Rockets, current and passed missions, historical events ... and more. This cog is using SpaceX-API.
Look at what games people in the server are playing. V3 Rewrite of Stevy's cog.Check who's playing certain games or who's playing what on your server.
Some utility converters.Some utility converters, for temperatures, mass, but also dates to timestamps.
Multiple tools that are originally used on Martine the BOT.Multiple useful tools that are originally used on Martine the BOT, like usagecount command, that show you all usage of the bot, messages received, read, commands processed and more. Prefix command to show prefixes of the bot, etc.
Tools to get bots information from to get bots information from, like description, votes, published server count, and more.
Replace original Red serverinfo command with more details.Replace original Red serverinfo command with more details, about users and server.


Feel free to open a PR or an issue for any suggestion about my cogs !


For any suggestions or issues, feel free to join my Discord server or contact me in DM.
Predä - 梅丽莎。十四#1001 (ID: 332980470650372096) on Discord.


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