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Releases: PredatH0r/ChanSort

ChanSort 2022-07-03

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  • experimental support for Grundig and ChangHong atv_cmdb.bin files (analog antenna and cable TV)
  • Reference list dialog further optimized to fit 1920x1080 @150% or 1024x768 @100% screens
  • re-imported translation file (to fix incorrect letters in language names like "Русский")
  • fixed error saving m3u files containing specific EXTINF data

ChanSort 2022-04-19

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  • added support for Orsay .zip files which contain a Clone/map-AirD and other files similar to Samsung .scm
  • Reference list dialog is now resizable
  • Grundig dvb*_config.xml lists are now separated into TV and Radio lists with individual ordering
  • ability to load Grundig dvb*_config.xml files containing invalid XML characters (e.g. 0x10)

ChanSort 2022-04-12

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replacing broken .zip of version 2022-04-11 (which contained old files)

ChanSort 2022-04-11

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added ChangHong/Chiq L32H7N dtv_cmdb_2.bin format (4419 KB size)

[edit]removed broken .zip archive and uploaded new version as 2022-04-12

ChanSort 2022-03-20

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  • Philips *Table and *.dat format: now showing "Encrypted" information
  • added ChangHong LED40D3000ISX dtv_cmdb_2.bin format (1489 KB size)
  • added experimental support for Loewe servicelist.xml format
  • added polarity information to Excel export (and changed column order slightly)
  • added missing Romanian translation files to the .zip

ChanSort 2021-10-24

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  • LG webOS 5 and 6: channel numbers are no longer modified by the TV after import (confirmed for DVB-C so far)
  • Sat>IP/.m3u: Support for files with extra information after the #EXTM3U header
    Also capturing the group-title from #EXTINF, showing the msys value in the Source column (dvbs/dvbt/...),
    and showing all URL-parameters in the Debug column
  • Panasonic .xml: files containing invalid characters in channel names can now be loaded

ChanSort 2021-09-23_1945

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  • Philips: disabled deleting of channels for ChannelMap_100 - 115, except for version 100 without any .bin files.
    (Lists with .bin files require that the .xml file contains all channels to override all channel numbers)
  • Panasonic: improved symbol rate and satellite position detection
  • startup window location and size are adjusted to fit on screen

ChanSort 2021-09-23

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  • improved per-monitor DPI scaling (i.e. moving the window from a Full-HD to a 4K display with 100% and 200% scale)
  • improved "column auto width" (right clicking a column header) by forcing line breaks in the column captions
  • Philips: improved and re-enabled favorite list editing for FLASH_*/*.db lists
  • Panasonic: fixed display of symbol rate and satellite

ChanSort 2021-09-22

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  • Philips: added support for CM_*.xml variant that uses a root element around the
  • Philips: ability to read/write broken CM_*.xml files that contain channel names with an unescaped & character
  • Philips: enabled write mode for Repair\FLASH_*/*.db file format (one variant was confirmed to work)
    Favorite lists in this format are disabled for now (they didn't work)
  • Panasonic: importing a modified svl.bin file caused the TV to use case-sensitive sorting when using the
    function to list the names sorted alphabetically. This is now fixed.

ChanSort 2021-09-19

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  • Philips: added support for ChannelMap_115 format
  • Philips: ChannelMap formats 100-110 did not always fill "Source" and "Polarity" columns correctly
  • Philips: improved experimental support for Philips FLASH_*/*.db file formats
    (read-only by default, can be enabled in Philips.ini for testing)
  • Panasonic: added exerimental support for channel_list.xml lists (Panasonic Android TVs, 2019 and later)
    Unfortunately the only information included in this format is the channel number and a truncated channel name.
  • added Polish readme and updated translation (by JakubDriver)
  • column order is now preserved between program starts even when lists with different supported columns were loaded and columns reordered.
  • added option to enabled/disable auto-loading of the last opened list when starting the program
  • added UI option "Hide/unhide columns automatically". When turned off, the program will no longer hide columns
    automatically based on the selected list. It is recommended to leave this setting turned on.