Notepad++ Spell-checking Plug-in
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Yet Another Notepad++ Spell-checking Plug-In

Following main features:

  • Underlining spelling mistakes
  • Iterating through all mistakes in document
  • Finding mistakes only in comments and strings (For files with standard programming language syntax e.g. C++, Basic, Tex and so on)
  • Possible usage of multiple languages (dictionaries) simultaneously to do spell-checking.
  • Getting suggestions for words by either using default Notepad++ menu or separate context menu called by special button appearing under word.
  • Able to add words to user dictionary or ignore them for current session of Notepad++
  • Using either Aspell library (needs to be installed), either Hunspell library (Dictionaries by default should be placed to %Plugin Config Dir%\Hunspell)
  • A lot of customizing available from Plugin settings (Ignoring/Allowing only specific files, Choosing delimiters for words, Maximum number of suggestions etc)
  • Support for downloading and removing Hunspell dictionaries through user friendly GUI interface
  • Ability to quickly change current language through context menu or DSpellCheck sub-menu.