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  1. InteractiveDataDisplay InteractiveDataDisplay Public

    Interactive Data Display for JavaScript

    JavaScript 97 32

  2. SDSlite SDSlite Public

    Scientific DataSet library to work with NetCDF-like data sets from .NET.

    C# 60 30

  3. Filzbach Filzbach Public

    A flexible, fast, robust, parameter estimation engine that allows you to parameterize arbitrary, non-linear models, of the kind that are necessary in biological sciences, against multiple, heteroge…

    C++ 9 4

  4. Angara.Chart Angara.Chart Public

    Forked from microsoft/Angara.Chart

    Allows to define and display a chart as a collection of plots such as line, band, markers, heatmap. Supports visualization of uncertain values represented as quantiles.

    F# 3 2

  5. PlanktonBloomsStudy PlanktonBloomsStudy Public

    Files associated with the computational experiment resulting in Smith et al., "Inferred support for disturbance‐recovery hypothesis of North Atlantic phytoplankton blooms", 2015


  6. Angara.Serialization Angara.Serialization Public

    Forked from microsoft/Angara.Serialization

    A library that facilitates serialization on both .NET and JavaScript platforms and communication between them

    F# 1 1


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