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title : "R -- Profiling code"
author : "Alex M Chubaty & Eliot McIntire"
date : "December 9, 2016"
```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(cache=FALSE, echo=TRUE, eval=FALSE)
## Profiling and Benchmarking (1)
- In general, the usual claim is to worry about 'execution speed later'
- This is not 100% true with R
- If you use vectorization (no or few loops), and these packages listed here, then you will have a good start
- AFTER that, then you can use 2 great tools:
- `profvis` package (built into the latest Rstudio previews, but not the official release version)
- `microbenchmark` package
## Profiling and Benchmarking (2)
```{r microbenchmark, eval=TRUE, echo=TRUE}
loop = {
a <- vector()
for (i in 1:1000) a[i] <- runif(1)
vectorized = { a <- runif(1000) }
## Profiling and Benchmarking (3)
If you have Rstudio version `>=0.99.1208`, then it has profiling as a menu item.
- alternatively, we wrap any block of code with `profvis`
- This can be a `spades()` call, so it will show you the entire model:
```{r profiling, eval=FALSE, echo=TRUE}
profvis::profvis({a <- rnorm(10000000)})
## Profiling the `spades` call
Try it:
```{r profiling spades, eval=FALSE, echo=TRUE}
mySim <- simInit(
times = list(start = 0.0, end = 2.0, timeunit = "year"),
params = list(
.globals = list(stackName = "landscape", burnStats = "nPixelsBurned")
modules = list("randomLandscapes", "fireSpread", "caribouMovement"),
paths = list(modulePath = system.file("sampleModules", package = "SpaDES"))
## When to profile
- First, you should have started building your code with the packages we have discussed
- It will be too late if you have loops in your code, and you are ready to profile to improve it
If you have used these tools, then:
- When you have mostly finished whatever we are coding
- Don't ever start making code more efficient until you have profiled
- It is almost impossible to tell which bits are the slow parts, without profiling or benchmarking
## Strategies for profiling
- Can do an entire `SpaDES` model call
- Can pinpoint specific functions
- Can test alternative ways of implementing the same thing