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List of Time Series Databases
List of all time series databases as I hear about them

Updated: May 13 2019

This is not an exhaustive list. If you think I should change something, please leave a comment here or send me a message on Twitter. I'll try to keep it up-to-date based on feedback and anything new I find. There is a changelog at the end.

You can also submit a PR to update this page:

Open source

These are either time series databases or general-purpose databases that work well with time series. Some are layers on top of existing databases.

  • Aerospike
    • High performance, in-memory, NoSQL
  • Akumuli
    • Written in C++
    • Query language based on JSON over HTTP
    • Can be used as a server application or an embedded library
  • Apache Apex
  • Apache Cassandra
    • Or Scylla, a much faster C++ implementation of Cassandra
    • Distributed, columnar database
    • Has a query language
  • Apache Kudu (Incubating)
    • Columnar, part of the Hadoop stack
    • "fast analytics on fast data"
  • Atlas by Netflix
    • Written in Scala
    • In memory
    • Stack language for queries
  • Axibase Time Series Database
    • Visualizations, rules engine, forecasting
  • Beringei by Facebook
    • In memory
    • Open source implementation of ideas presented in their Gorilla paper (link below)
  • Blueflood
    • Built on Cassandra
    • Multi-tenant distributed database and metric processing system created by Rackspace
    • Apache 2.0 license
  • Chronix
    • Built on Apache Lucene, Solr, and Spark
  • CitusDB
    • Distributed Postgres (through an extension)
  • ClickHouse
    • Distributed columnar database
    • Powers Yandex.Metrica (basically Russia's Google Analytics)
  • Cortex
    • Multitenant, horizontally scalable Prometheus as a Service
  • CrateDB
    • Distributed SQL database
    • Fully searchable document oriented data store
    • Uses Presto for SQL, Elasticsearch and Lucene for storage
  • Cube by Square
    • Built on MongoDB
  • Cyanite
    • Compatible with the Graphite ecosystem
    • Stores data in Cassandra
  • Dalmatiner
    • Built on ZFS and Riak Core
  • Druid
    • Column-oriented open-source distributed data store written in Java
  • Elasticsearch
    • Java & Lucene
    • Support for live time series resampling
    • Distributed data storage
  • EventQL
    • Distributed, columnar database built for large-scale data collection and analytics workloads
    • Supports SQL
  • FiloDB
    • Distributed, versioned, and columnar analytical database
    • Uses Spark SQL
  • GridDB
    • Horizontally scalable NoSQL DB
  • GridGain
    • In-memory data fabric
  • Hawkular
    • Open source monitoring solution by Red Hat
    • Metrics storage uses Cassandra
  • HBase
    • distributed database for very large tables
    • Related: Google Cloud BigTable (hosted)
  • Heroic by Spotify
    • Based on Bigtable, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch
  • InfluxDB
    • Written in Go
    • Clustering is a paid feature now
  • KairosDB
    • Rewrite of OpenTSDB
  • M3DB
    • Distributed time series database using M3TSZ float64 compression
    • Developed at Uber
  • Newts
    • Based on Cassandra
  • OpenTSDB
    • Built on top of HBase, BigTable, or Cassandra
  • Pinot
    • Realtime distributed OLAP datastore
    • Horizontally scalable
    • Used at LinkedIn
  • Prometheus
    • Monitoring system and TSDB
    • Not distributed
    • Polling-based
  • Riak TS
    • Query language
    • Apparently 10x faster than Cassandra (I don't have any more details about this)
  • Roshi by SoundCloud
    • Time-series event storage
    • Stateless, distributed layer on top of Redis and is implemented in Go
  • SciDB
    • Multidimensional arrays
    • ACID
    • By Michael Stonebraker
  • SiriDB
    • Written in C and focused on performance
    • Query language
  • sonnerie
    • Written in Rust
    • Append only (no updates yet)
    • Simple TCP API
  • Timely by the NSA
    • Backed by Accumulo
  • TimescaleDB
    • Built on PostgreSQL (as an extension)
  • Vulcan by DigitalOcean
    • Extends Prometheus adding horizontal scalability and long-term storage
    • Written in Go
  • Warp 10
    • Distributed version uses HBase
    • From SenX
  • Yuvi
    • In-memory storage engine for recent time series metrics data
    • Implemented in Java
    • Supports OpenTSDB metric ingestion and OpenTSDB queries

Proprietary or internal

These are either proprietary or internal, and not open source.

  • Google BigQuery
    • Managed data warehouse for analytics hosted on Google Cloud
    • BigQuery can do lots of things in addition to time series (also see RedShift)
  • Infiniflux
    • Time series DBMS with SQL
  • IRONdb
    • Scalable storage for a Graphite infrastructure. IRONdb is a new product by Circonus, who also created “Snowth” a few years ago (see below).
  • kdb+ by Kx Systems
    • Very popular in the financial industry
  • AWS Redshift
    • Managed data warehouse for analytics hosted on AWS
    • Redshift can do lots of things in addition to time series (also see BigQuery)
  • Rocana (acquired by Splunk)
    • Proprietary columnar TSDB using Apache Lucene, Kafka, and HDFS
  • eXtremeDB
    • Made for financial data
    • Columnar, ACID-compliant, SQL support
  • Facebook Scuba
    • Fast, scalable, distributed, in-memory database
  • quasardb
    • Distributed transactional key-value store with distributed secondary indexes and native time series support
    • Written in C++14
  • SnappyData
    • fuses Apache Spark with a highly available, multi-tenanted in-memory database
    • OLTP + OLAP on streaming data
  • TempoIQ
    • IoT platform
  • VictoriaMetrics
    • Long-term remote storage for Prometheus

Things to look at for ideas

These are not exactly TSDBs, but are interesting resources to take a look at.


  • 2016-04-09
    Initial version
    • Thanks to Csaba Csoma and Damian Gryski (@dgryski) for their contributions.
    • Added Apache Drill, Kudu (thanks Mark Papadakis)
  • 2016-04-10
    Added Cityzen Data, Hawkular, Infiniflux, TempoIQ, kdb+
    • Thanks to @pganti in the comments
  • 2017-01-30
    Added SciDB, SiriDB
    • Thanks to @Pranas and @ps22 in the comments
  • 2017-04-05
    Added Akumuli, Atlas, Beringei, Chronix, Roshi, Timely, TimescaleDB, Vulcan;
    Ordered by name
    • Thanks to Damian Gryski (@dgryski) and Khalid Lafi (@LafiKL) for their contributions.
  • 2017-09-03
    Added EventQL, eXtremeDB, IRONdb; reorganized sections.
  • 2018-03-23
    Added ClickHouse, M3DB, Honeycomb's data store, quasardb, Cortex, Cyanite, BigQuery, RedShift, CrateDB, Pinot; misc cleanup and expanded notes.
  • 2018-09-13
    Added Yuvi, sonnerie. Updated M3DB link to official website.
  • 2019-05-13
    Added GridDB and VictoriaMetrics.
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