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Cornac is python recommender system library for easy, effective and efficient experiments. Cornac is simple and handy. It is designed from the ground-up to faithfully reflect the standard steps taken by researchers to implement and evaluate personalized recommendation models.

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Python License


Currently, we are supporting Python 3 (version 3.6 is recommended). There are several ways to install Cornac:

  • From PyPI (you may need a C++ compiler):
pip3 install cornac
  • From Anaconda:
conda install cornac -c conda-forge
  • From the GitHub source (for latest updates):
pip3 install Cython
git clone
cd cornac
python3 install


Additional dependencies required by models are listed here.

Some of the algorithms use OpenMP to support multi-threading. For OSX users, in order to run those algorithms efficiently, you might need to install gcc from Homebrew to have an OpenMP compiler:

brew install gcc | brew link gcc

If you want to utilize your GPUs, you might consider:

Getting started: your first Cornac experiment

Flow of an Experiment in Cornac

Load the built-in MovieLens 100K dataset (will be downloaded if not cached):

from cornac.datasets import movielens

ml_100k = movielens.load_100k()

Split the data based on ratio:

from cornac.eval_methods import RatioSplit

ratio_split = RatioSplit(data=ml_100k, test_size=0.2, rating_threshold=4.0, seed=123)

Here we are comparing Biased MF, PMF, and BPR:

from cornac.models import MF, PMF, BPR

mf = MF(k=10, max_iter=25, learning_rate=0.01, lambda_reg=0.02, use_bias=True)
pmf = PMF(k=10, max_iter=100, learning_rate=0.001, lamda=0.001)
bpr = BPR(k=10, max_iter=200, learning_rate=0.001, lambda_reg=0.01)

Define metrics used to evaluate the models:

mae = cornac.metrics.MAE()
rmse = cornac.metrics.RMSE()
rec_20 = cornac.metrics.Recall(k=20)
ndcg_20 = cornac.metrics.NDCG(k=20)
auc = cornac.metrics.AUC()

Put everything together into an experiment and run it:

from cornac import Experiment

exp = Experiment(eval_method=ratio_split,
                 models=[mf, pmf, bpr],
                 metrics=[mae, rmse, rec_20, ndcg_20, auc],


MAE RMSE Recall@20 NDCG@20 AUC Train (s) Test (s)
MF 0.7441 0.9007 0.0622 0.0534 0.2952 0.0791 1.3119
PMF 0.7490 0.9093 0.0831 0.0683 0.4660 8.7645 2.1569
BPR N/A N/A 0.1449 0.1124 0.8750 0.8898 1.3769

For more details, please take a look at our examples.


The recommender models supported by Cornac are listed below. Why don't you join us to lengthen the list?

Model and paper Additional dependencies Examples
Variational Autoencoder for Collaborative Filtering (VAECF), paper requirements.txt
Visual Matrix Factorization (VMF), paper requirements.txt
Matrix Co-Factorization (MCF), paper N/A
Bayesian Personalized Ranking (BPR), paper N/A
Collaborative Context Poisson Factorization (C2PF), paper N/A
Collaborative Deep Learning (CDL), paper requirements.txt
Collaborative Topic Modeling (CTR), paper N/A
Collaborative Ordinal Embedding (COE), paper requirements.txt
Hierarchical Poisson Factorization (HPF), paper N/A
Indexable Bayesian Personalized Ranking (IBPR), paper requirements.txt
Matrix Factorization (MF), paper N/A,
Online Indexable Bayesian Personalized Ranking (Online IBPR), paper requirements.txt
Probabilistic Collaborative Representation Learning (PCRL), paper requirements.txt
Probabilistic Matrix Factorization (PMF), paper N/A
Spherical K-means (SKM), paper N/A
Visual Bayesian Personalized Ranking (VBPR), paper requirements.txt
Convolutional Matrix Factorization (ConvMF), paper requirements.txt
Collaborative Variational Autoencoder (CVAE), paper requirements.txt
Collaborative Deep Ranking (CDR), paper requirements.txt
Collaborative Filtering for Implicit Feedback (CF), paper requirements.txt
Social Bayesian Personalized Ranking (SBPR), paper N/A
Social Recommendation using PMF (SoRec), paper N/A


Your contributions at any level of the library are welcome. If you intend to contribute, please:

  • Fork the Cornac repository to your own account.
  • Make changes and create pull requests.

You can also post bug reports and feature requests in GitHub issues.


Apache License 2.0

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