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Venom Examples

Your preferred focused crawler based on Venom. Now in a convenient package to quickly get your projects up to speed!

Bundled in this pack is a few fully functional examples to help get you up and sprinting. If you require a tutorial, you can access a tutorial here. For more information, read the tutorial guide below.

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Check out our main Venom page for more information.

Quick links

Website | API Reference | PreferredAI


venom-examples includes a set of tutorial designed to quickly get you from 0 to 100.

There are 3 examples located in the package ai.preferred.crawler.single, ai.preferred.crawler.stackoverflow and ai.preferred.crawler.iproperty.

A basic crawler to get your current IP.

A crawler to get the job listings for Singapore on StackOverflow and export to a CSV file.

A crawler to get the properties on


MIT License