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Preibisch Lab

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  1. ImgLib2/BDV implementation of Stitching for large datasets

    Java 47 12

  2. RS-FISH Public

    Tool for precise, interactive, fast and scalable FISH spot detection

    Java 33 11

  3. Software for the reconstruction of multi-view microscopic acquisitions like Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) Data

    Java 17 18

  4. STIM Public

    Library for managing, storage, viewing, and working with spatial transcriptomics data using Imglib2, N5, BigDataViewer and Fiji.

    Java 14

  5. Running compute-intense parts of BigStitcher distributed

    Java 11 6

  6. Code for simulating a multi-view acquisition including attenuation, convolution, reduced sampling and poission noise

    Java 10 5


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