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PressForward Turnkey Theme

This repository contains a Turnkey Wordpress theme optimized for use with the PressForward Plugin.


  • A responsive slider
  • Flat one-page design will multiple places to display recent posts from categories
  • Designed to optimize the PressForward plugin and display content in a useful way for PressForward publications
  • Foundation 6.1.1

Theme Requirements

This standalone WordPress theme is based on JointsWP, a WordPress theme built on Zurb Foundation 6.1.1.


This theme is under review for submission in the WordPress Theme Director. In the meantime, it can be installed by downloading or cloning this repository into the Themes directory of your WordPress install. Theme options can be accessed through the WordPress Customizer.


Version 2.0

  • Completely rewritten using Foundation and Joints WP.
  • Theme options moved to the customizer.
  • All blocks on the homepage can be turned on or off.
  • Add support to allow adjusting theme colors.
  • Adopted Foundation's Orbit slider to ensure responsiveness.
  • Moved to SASS.

Version 1.0

  • Resolves error where the tracking code was not inserted into the footer of the site.
  • Adds ability to turn on and off homepage blocks from the PressForward Options panel.
  • Adds options to change the background color of individual blocks and the color of text and links on the homepage.
  • Adds option to control the number of columns on several blocks as well as the number of recent posts on the slider.
  • Fixes bug where "by" showed up regardless of what option was selected for the display of the author.
  • Adds ability to use text rather than a logo image file.
  • Implements various styling changes to the slider to prevent long titles from pushing the readmore button off the screen.
  • Generalizes css classes on the homepage.


Setup instructions and details on the theme's functionality can be found on our wiki. For more information about this theme contact the PressForward team at or submit an issue to this repository.

Links to Documentation for Libraries Used and References: