Retrieve walkthrough

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Function order:

  • Call import-cron.php
  • Call PF_Feed_Item::assemble_feed_for_pull()
  • Call PF_Feed_Item::get_the_feed_object() (feed-items.php:ln321)
  • Call PF_Feed_Retrieve::step_through_feedlist()
  • Retrieve feedlist using pf_feedlist (ln316)
  • Get feeds_iteration option to determine position.
  • Check if option indicates we are go to retrieve feeds_go_switch
  • Check what the last iteration was from option prev_iteration
  • Insure current iteration count is one greater than the last count.
  • Check that we are past the last feed.
  • Get the feed data from the feedlist by taking what is stored in the feeds_iteration as the position of the array. (slurp.php:ln190)
  • Check that the system has properly notified other actors that we have inside the overall iteration with the iterate_going_switch
  • Check if we are on the last key.
  • If we are, we'll need to reset the retrieval process and set the iterate_going_switch to zero, so no further iteration occurs. We'll also be setting the feed position back to zero.
  • If we are not then iterate the feeds_iteration variable in order to send the next iteration to the correct location.
  • If neither case is true than ... huh? We're going to log it. (slurp.php:ln235)
  • Update the feeds_iteration option with the new value so the next iteration works.
  • If the feed is empty or an error and it isn't the last key, re-call this function to get the next feed.
  • If the feed is empty and this is the last feed, set all states ready to reset and return false.
  • Take the feed object and transform it into an object containing items we can understand by calling feed_handler() (slurp.php:ln265)
  • Set up the feed CPT
  • Check if the feed type is on the Feed CPT by calling PF_Feeds_Schema::get_pf_feed_type($id). (slurp.php:ln394)
  • Get post meta by id to check for feed type. (feeds.php:ln416)
  • IF an error is returned or a false is returned pass-through the fail data.
  • ELSE return the type.
  • Check if the feed's type exists with PF_Feed_Retrieve::does_type_exist($type)
  • Use get_the_feed_object() to get the object using the correct module function.
  • Unlock the process so that the system knows it can go ahead and retrieve another feed.
  • Return the translated set of items.
  • Attempt to retrieve the feed (ln266)
  • If it fails, log it.
  • Check for failure states and log
  • Check for bad process states and log.
  • If all is well, return the Feed as an object.
  • Begin the loop to move through each feed item and send it to the database. (feed-items.php:ln321)
  • Create each post and add the meta data to post_meta
  • Advance Feeds using advance_feeds()
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