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Welcome to Gitium

Gitium was built in 2013 to provide our clients a more simple and error-free method to integrate a new git version control into their code management flow.

Gitium was developed by the awesome engineering team at Presslabs, a Managed WordPress Hosting provider.

For more open-source projects, check Presslabs Code.

What is Gitium?

This plugin enables continuous deployment for WordPress, integrating with tools such as Github, Bitbucket or Travis-CI. Theme or plugin updates, installs and removals are all automatically versioned. Ninja code edits from the WordPress editor are also tracked by the version control system.

Why Gitium?

Gitium is designed with responsible development environments in mind, allowing staging and production to follow different branches of the same repository. You can also deploy code by simply using git push.

Gitium requires git command line tool with a minimum version of 1.7 installed on the server and the proc_open PHP function enabled.

Gitium features:

  • preserves the WordPress behavior
  • accountability for code changes
  • safe code storage—gets all code edits in Git


For more details about Gitium, head here:


We’ve built this to make our lives easier and we’re happy to do that for other developers, too. We’d really appreciate it if you could contribute with code, tests, documentation or just share your experience with Gitium.

Development of Gitium happens at Issues are tracked at This WordPress plugin can be found at


This project is licensed under the General Public License version 2.0.