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head fork: PrestaFactoryModules/demo-prestashop-creation-module
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+# Repo exclude
+# Local per-repo rules can be added to the .git/info/exclude file in your repo. These rules are not
+# committed with the repo so they are not shared with others. This method can be used for locally-
+# generated files that you don’t expect other users to generate, like files created by your editor.
38 README.markdown
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-<center>A pre-release architecture to create new Prestashop's Modules</center>
+## A pre-release architecture to create new Prestashop's Modules</center>
+#### Integration of Jenkins
+<u>sprint 1 :</u>
+Jenkins is used to manage 'continuous integration'.
+We're planning some configurations into build ant file and some with Jenkins config.
+But which one !?
+#### first test
+problem with user : add user 'jenkins' to 'my group' ... not a
+problem to access github repository :
+[Integration Of Jenkins]( via jenkins running !
+Still have a problem with ssh key when connect to github ... even after add ssh key into profile config from jenkins !
+=> running test localy (normal way ) and ADD process of versioning's management into build task (ant process).
+[build.xml file](
+#### install some Jenkins Extension
+build job to remote github with github extension ... but cause always news problems !!! :(
+But <u style="color:rgb(240,50,50);">WE Should Start from Sratch</u>
+### Running jenkins.war with winstone-hudson.jar
+When your're running Jenkins for the very first time, it initialize some values by default.
+But they could be change thanks your 'bash terminal' or a file !
+I've tried to run Jenkins by using .deb packages and 'apt-get'.
+[an upgrade from hudson in fact]( but didn't like the default '/var/lib/' path to install Jenkins and workspace ... and other kind of stuff!
+Never Mind ... it became quickly hard to manage permission user, shadows, etc instead of running my jobs, and github repositories collaboration.
+#### a step by step process to run Jenkins friendly

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