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Revert "[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4214, "Recommended modules" on Localizati…

…on Tab"
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gRoussac committed Aug 28, 2015
1 parent f18f5dc commit 7e891c594e3cc8b48aea0a57ed674189abc19493
Showing with 1 addition and 15 deletions.
  1. +1 −15 classes/controller/AdminController.php
@@ -844,7 +844,7 @@ public function processFilter()
$value = (float)str_replace(',', '.', $value);
$sql_filter .= ($check_key ? $alias.'.' : '').pSQL($key).' = '.pSQL(trim($value)).' ';
} else {
$sql_filter .= ($check_key ? $alias.'.' : '').pSQL($key).' LIKE \'%'.pSQL(trim($value)).'%\' ';
@@ -2056,20 +2056,6 @@ protected function initTabModuleList()
$this->tab_modules_list = Tab::getTabModulesList($this->id);
$modules = Module::getModulesOnDisk();
$tmp = array();
foreach ($modules as $module) {
$tmp[] = $module->name;
foreach ($this->tab_modules_list['slider_list'] as $key => $module) {
if (!in_array($module, $tmp)) {
if (is_array($this->tab_modules_list['default_list']) && count($this->tab_modules_list['default_list'])) {
$this->filter_modules_list = $this->tab_modules_list['default_list'];
} elseif (is_array($this->tab_modules_list['slider_list']) && count($this->tab_modules_list['slider_list'])) {

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julienbourdeau replied Oct 15, 2015

Thank you very much for your feedback :)
This fix will be available in


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vortexfoto replied Nov 16, 2015

hmm, im using presta 1.6.2 and i dont see this fix - maybe you know for fix to my problem . modules page is loading extremly slow......
(upgraded from v1.5)


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latikananda replied Mar 3, 2016

Hi i am using
I have also started getting the error of backend being very slow... takes time to logon or it says
or it gives error Bad SQL query
MySQL server has gone away

  • the solution which is mentioned regarding deleting the lines in admincontroller.... these line number nor the script is same is script on my server.

Please help what should i do. The front end seems to be working fine.




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babe13 replied May 22, 2017


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