[*] BO : fix execution time in cart rule controller when shop has too many cart rules #1456

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GuigZ- commented Feb 27, 2014

If two manu cart rules on BO, we have a max execution time.



jnadaud commented Mar 23, 2015


Thank you for reporting,

Is this solving your problem : #2598

Best regards.

jocel1 was assigned by jnadaud Mar 23, 2015


jnadaud commented Apr 10, 2015

Hi @GuigZ- any feedback ?

Best regards.


vTerenti commented Nov 5, 2015

(note: this is an automated message, but answering it will reach a real human )

Hi! Thank you for your pull request: your contribution to PrestaShop means a lot to us!

We are aware that this PR is still open after all this time, and we want to make sure that your hard work is not forgotten.

We are diving back into pull requests, and we want to work with you in order to get your PR to completion: we need your feedback!

Could you read this article from the Build devblog, and take the time to review your pull requests, so that we can work with up-to-date information? You don't have to do it all right now, and every little step helps.

Again, thank you very much for this contribution, and for your renewed feedback on it!


xBorderie commented Nov 27, 2015

I'm closing this ticket because it has not received the needed feedback, and because the issue seems solved by another PR.
If the issue is still there, please open a new ticket on the 1.6.1.x branch, NOT on the 1.6 branch. Thank you!

xBorderie closed this Nov 27, 2015

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