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oleacorner commented Mar 9, 2014

The order process must check that all products of the cart are accessible by the customer.

Suppose a customer has placed an order several weeks ago. Since this order, the product could have been placed in a category nor more accessible to the customer.
In case of order re-order, the order must not be finalized as the product us not accessible.
In the same idea, the checkAccess() controls are done only on CategoryController and ProductController. It could happen that the product is added to the cart through another way (like the order duplication). In that case, the order should not be finalized.

Thanks to ignore the following files of this PR : CONTRIBUTING.md CONTRIBUTORS.md README.md .gitignore classes/pdf/PDFGenerator.php
I don't understand why there are on my branch and don't know how to remove them

vAugagneur and others added some commits Nov 22, 2012

vAugagneur //added CONTRIBUTING.md CONTRIBUTORS.md README.md 3eebb2d
@gaillafr gaillafr // .DS_Store files added to .gitignore 4f269e8
@oleacorner oleacorner Update classes/pdf/PDFGenerator.php
Extend the display parameter of the PDFGenerator->render() method.

Clicking on a button to retrieve a PDF file, this will propose the download windows of the navigator rather than displaying the PDF inside the navigator.

The proposed enhancement supports the 3 modes of fpdf : 'D', 'I', 'S'
@oleacorner oleacorner Creation of checkAccess_static()
This method will be called from a product list where products are arrays, not object.
this avois Product instanciation
@oleacorner oleacorner Change checkAccess_static()
Fix on checkAccess_static, in whih the $id_cart was missing

Method not unit tested
@oleacorner oleacorner Fix in checkAccess_static 5c9fb58
@oleacorner oleacorner Creation of checkProductsAccess()
Will be used by OrderController to know if customer has access to the product
@oleacorner oleacorner Check product access while adding product 955de5e
@oleacorner oleacorner Check products access when checking quantities 68aedf8
@oleacorner oleacorner Check product access while checking quantities
Modification not unit tested

oleacorner closed this Mar 15, 2014

oleacorner deleted the unknown repository branch Mar 15, 2014

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