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@atomiix atomiix released this Nov 28, 2019 · 13 commits to 1.7.6.x since this release

Main Fixes

  • An infinite loop could happen within the checkout page when two specific cart rules were applied to an order [#15574]
  • There was a bug impacting contributor and partner payment modules due to amount paid no longer validated when creating an order [#15834]
  • Three bugs related to the CLDR implementation in the which were provoking errors in both suppliers and orders pages after deleting a currency [#15376], [#15486] and [#15956]
  • A few regressions related to the migration of the Customer page :
    • Issue for customers creation with SIRET field [#16167]
    • Issues on customers listing related to links, filters and export features [#15831], [#10293] and [#15875]
    • Issue for customers when in a multistore environment [#16043]
  • Creating a new Brand Address could fail when VAT identification number is mandatory [#16121]
  • Quantity discounts were not shown for default variant [#16417]
  • We reverted back to using product url (including combination) rather than canonical one in the miniatures for product lists [#14765]
  • PrestaShop Command Line Interface (CLI) could not be used to clear the cache [#15324]

Important changes

Following #15643 we had to add new methods to interfaces DataSourceInterface, CurrencyDataProviderInterface and RepositoryInterface to be able to fetch currencies regardless of them being deleted or unactive. This requires to update any class that implemented that interface.

Following #15621 we had to revert previous change #11876 as it introduced a regression [#15274] that changed how multistore data was persisted.

Full changelog

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