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1-Click Upgrade


Provides an automated method to upgrade your shop to the latest version of PrestaShop. This module is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.6 & 1.7.


  • PrestaShop 1.6 or 1.7
  • PHP 5.6+

For older PHP versions, see previous releases of the module (ex. v1.6.8). Note they are unsupported and we strongly recommend you to upgrade your PHP version.


All versions can be found in the releases list.

Create a module from source code

  • Clone (git clone https://github.com/PrestaShop/autoupgrade.git) or download the source code. You can also download a release Source code (ex. v4.4.1). If you download a source code archive, you need extract the file and rename the extracted folder to autoupgrade
  • Enter into folder autoupgrade and run the command composer install (composer).
  • Create a new zip file of autoupgrade folder
  • Now you can upload into your module pages

Running an upgrade on PrestaShop

Upgrading a shop can be done via:

  • the configuration page of the module (access from your BO module page)
  • in command line by calling the file cli-upgrade.php

Command line parameters

Upgrade can be automated by calling cli-upgrade.php. The following parameters are mandatory:

  • --dir: Tells where the admin directory is.
  • --channel: Selects what upgrade to run (minor, major etc.)
$ php cli-upgrade.php --dir=admin-dev --channel=major


PrestaShop modules are open-source extensions to the PrestaShop e-commerce solution. Everyone is welcome and even encouraged to contribute with their own improvements.

To contribute on this project, start by cloning the repository. You must have composer installed on your computer. Run the following command:

$ composer install

Your module will be available with development libraries.

GitHub Requirements

Contributors must follow the following rules:

  • Make your Pull Request on the "dev" branch, NOT the "master" branch.
  • Do not update the module's version number.
  • Follow the coding standards.

Process in details

Contributors wishing to edit a module's files should follow the following process:

  1. Create your GitHub account, if you do not have one already.
  2. Fork the autoupgrade project to your GitHub account.
  3. Clone your fork to your local machine in the /modules directory of your PrestaShop installation.
  4. Create a branch in your local clone of the module for your changes.
  5. Change the files in your branch. Be sure to follow the coding standards!
  6. Push your changed branch to your fork in your GitHub account.
  7. Create a pull request for your changes on the 'dev' branch of the module's project. Be sure to follow the commit message norm in your pull request. If you need help to make a pull request, read the Github help page about creating pull requests.
  8. Wait for one of the core developers either to include your change in the codebase, or to comment on possible improvements you should make to your code.

That's it: you have contributed to this open-source project! Congratulations!