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title: Contribution guidelines
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- /1.7/development/coding_standards/commits_and_pull_requests
- /1.7/development/coding-standards/commits-and-pull-requests
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Please note that all the pull requests must follow those guidelines. If the commit messages are not well-formatted, the pull request's title is not correct, or the table is not properly filled, we will not be able to accept your pull request.
### Target branch
### The Pull Request form
Pull requests must be made in the appropriate branch, depending on the nature of your Pull Request.
When you create a new Pull Request, you will be presented with a form to complete that looks like this:
![Screenshot of the New Pull Request Form](../img/new-pull-request.png)
It is very important that you complete this table correctly, as it is vital for:
- Making sure the branch is correct
- Understanding your change
- Making sure that it works as expected
- Tracking when a PR fixes a known issue
- Tracking if a release breaks retro-compatibility
- Building the change log
#### Target branch
Pull requests must be made in the appropriate branch, depending on the nature of your change.
* **Develop**. New features, bug fixes, improvements. PRs merged here will be released in the next minor or major version.
* **Patch version branch** (eg. 1.7.4.x). For critical bug fixes and regressions only. PRs merged here will be released in a patch version.
* **1.6.1.x branch**. For PrestaShop 1.6 bug fixes only.
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#### About supported branches
##### About supported branches
PrestaShop only accepts PRs on branches which are subject to new releases.
@@ -111,3 +127,20 @@ When in doubt, use the develop branch. We will ask you to rebase on the correct
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#### Category
The category is the portion of the project to which your changes apply to. We use this code to construct the [change log]( by grouping changes in different sections. Choose the code that most closely describes your change:
Code | Scope
FO | if the changes impact the Front Office
BO | if the changes impact the Back Office
IN | if the changes impact the Installer
WS | if the changes impact the Web Services
CO | if the changes impact the Core (non-visible functionality)
LO | if the changes impact localization functionality
TE | if the changes impact automated tests
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Remember, this is only needed for the Pull Request form, not for your commit messages.
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